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Today’s society is dominated by social media. We know this because you (like me) check your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc feeds several times a day. Your customers are doing the same. Of the three there is one that stands out and can’t be ignored: Facebook.
The reasons you need to be seen on Facebook are plentiful. With 149 million members worldwide (which is, incidentally, larger than the population of China) and 22 billon advertising clicks per year Facebook presents a massive opportunity – if you can find your customers.
This is where most people fail. Let’s face it if you advertise snow to Eskimos, you are not going to get many sales. So identifying your audience on Facebook is crucial. This is where we come in. The targeting capabilities on Facebook are immense and you can dig pretty deep using demographics, behaviours, interests, age ranges, languages and locations. But if you get these wrong your advertising dollars will be wasted. We research, test and tweak until we find the sweet spot for your business and then exploit it to the fullest extent possible.

Pay Per Click

Does Google PPC still work? Is it expensive? Are the two question we get asked a lot. The answer is that Google’s PPC (Pay per Click / Call) can be extraordinarily effect, if you get your advertising right. Yes, it can be expensive, but by testing and tweaking we usually get a fantastic ROI (Return on Investment) for our customers. The main difference between Google PPC and Facebook advertising, is that people searching on Google are looking for your service. They are looking for a plumber, a dentist, an electrician or whatever it is you offer. The people on Facebook are just looking to catch up on posts from their friends etc. So, you have interrupt them to get their attention. We will analyse your business, and recommend if you should be using Google PPC or Facebook advertising or even both.

SEO For A Local Business

Getting found in organic search results can give your business a tremendous boost. It can often become the primary source of all your leads and sales.

However, ranking in Google and more importantly the “Map Pack” is not easy and if done wrong could lead to your site being blacklisted by Google.

The downside of SEO is that it is a long term strategy. You cannot rank overnight in Google for any search term that is popular.

However, it can be done and we have delivered amazing results for our clients with our longterm strategies that place your brand everywhere on the internet and build Google’s traust in your brand.

Don’t run the risk of being banned by Google, all our SEO strategies are proven and safe and will deliver results over a period of time.

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